How do you want to express yourself as an Employer Brand and how do you want to inspire the candidate to apply? How do you make sure that the 'shop window' is nicely decorated, but still representative of reality? How do you give insight into where someone comes to work and what you have to offer as an employer? As a specialist in recruitment sites we create a better Candidate Experience with our web design. In this way we confirm your Employer Brand and inspire candidates to come and work for you.
Whereas in the past a design only had to be beautiful, nowadays it is much more important that it is candidate friendly so that it is easy to navigate through your recruitment site. By keeping it simple, learning from our best practices and looking at our client's branding, we design an optimal custom recruitment site. And of course mobile first!
We choose simple navigation, clear call-tot-actions and the possibility for candidates to focus on what you want to bring to the attention as an employer brand. Of course, we use a lot of images for this. With videos and smart images you increase the number of visitors to your recruitment site. In addition, they also stay longer on the site, which should lead to a higher conversion rate.

Our latest work


Eneco has asked Floyd & Hamilton to develop, build and maintain a recruitment site that properly reflects what Eneco has to offer as an employer and inspires and informs.

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A design that fits in seamlessly with the We Fashion branding, partly thanks to the dynamic and well styled images.

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Lots of images for inspiration, lots of opportunities for interaction (for example by means of the yet to be launched Dynamic Chat function) and plenty of information.

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