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Floyd & Hamilton has been a partner of WE Fashion for some time now and has already built the recruitment site to support the employer branding campaign You work for us, we work for you! online. New is the design of the website and especially the chat navigation which makes the application process even more candidate friendly. The candidate will be able to find a suitable vacancy more quickly and apply more easily.


ATS integration
Dynamic Navigation
Recruitment website



Brand experience

As an employer, WE Fashion mainly wants to show itself as an organisation that invests in the development/training of employees and the campaign You work for us, we work for you! is supported by personal images and appealing, informative content. The design fits in seamlessly with the WE Fashion branding, partly thanks to the dynamic and well styled images.

Chat navigation

In order to avoid lengthy navigation on the website and to be able to quickly direct the visitor to the desired job content, a conversion-oriented chat navigation (i.e. no chatbot) was chosen. The candidate clicks with the virtual recruiter (which also exists in the real world) only a few choices in order to get the right vacancy or information. Everything for an optimal candidate journey.

Our latest work


Eneco has asked Floyd & Hamilton to develop, build and maintain a recruitment site that properly reflects what Eneco has to offer as an employer and inspires and informs.

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A design that fits in seamlessly with the We Fashion branding, partly thanks to the dynamic and well styled images.

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Lots of images for inspiration, lots of opportunities for interaction (for example by means of the yet to be launched Dynamic Chat function) and plenty of information.

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Also interested in an awesome Recruitment Website? Please contact Ramses.

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