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VanDrie Group is a family business. VanDrie takes care of people, animals and the environment. VanDrie wants to bring this value to the fore and it is still unexploited. Also in its positioning as an employer brand. The new work-at-home website must contribute to the repositioning of VanDrie as an attractive employer; more people-oriented instead of production-oriented. In addition, the new recruitment platform will enable VanDrie to better organise and professionalise its HR department; i.e. better tooling for its own recruitment activities, more efficient structure and more knowledge building through insights into recruitment processes.


ATS integration
Recruitment website



Our latest work


Eneco shows what an optimal vacancy page should look like because it is unique every time. Helped by deploying a smart CMS, which enriches the content on the vacancy page on the basis of dynamic vacancy data. This creates a unique vacancy page, which is actually focused on the specific persona that is being searched for.

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WE Fashion

A design that fits in seamlessly with the We Fashion branding, partly thanks to the dynamic and well styled images.

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Everything on the global recruitment site, but also on the 13 country websites, revolves around seduction, inspiration and conversion. Three important optimisations continuously contribute to the candidate experience.

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