The ultimate goal of a recruitment site should be that the visitor is inspired and decides to apply for a job. This can be done by means of the target group pages, aimed at a specific target group, but the ultimate form is the unique vacancy page, which focuses on that specific persona that is being sought.
If you look at most of the vacancy pages on corporate recruitment sites published in the Netherlands, 99% are not inspiring due to limitations in the technical architecture. Eneco was also confronted with the fact that their vacancy page mainly contains 'plain' text that is sent from the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to their site, which means that it never contains inspiring content.
At Eneco, 42% of visitors visit the vacancy page and spend an average of 2 minutes here. The vacancy detail page is a landing page in itself and often even the only page a visitor gets to see when specific campaigns are deployed. This makes it one of the most important pages of this recruitment site, as this is where the visitor decides whether he/she wants to work at Eneco.
“How can we ensure that every job posting page on the recruitment site is unique, so that it contains inspiring and relevant content for the persona we're looking for, but in such a way that the recruiters don't need extra work when they publish a job posting in the ATS”
Hanneke van der Heijden
Senior Employer Brand Manager & Corporate Communications Manager


To start with, Floyd & Hamilton created a design of the ultimate vacancy page. This ultimate page contains all the components needed for the optimal Eneco candidate experience.

Every desired component for this page is then built and flexibly made available in the CMS. Then, based on an algorithm, this component is 'hung' on the specification of the vacancy to be published, such as discipline, target group, team, location and recruiter. The three parties involved (Eneco, PeopleXS and Floyd & Hamilton) sat down together to ensure that there are enough specifications for the vacancy in the ATS (vacancy meta data) and that these data actually end up in the CMS (Content Management System) for each vacancy. And this without the recruiter having to think about the underlying content.
One persona per vacancy that is immediately prominent in the picture
The team that presents itself to you
A video telling and showing more about the vacancy
A testimonial from your future colleague
Other vacancies that may be suitable for you
Within the CMS, content is created centrally per specification. This means that when a vacancy is imported from the ATS into the CMS, the CMS knows exactly which content components need to be placed dynamically to enrich the vacancy page so that it is unique for that specific vacancy. The quality of the content is thus guaranteed for every vacancy.
Eneco now really shows what an optimal vacancy page should look like because it is unique every time. The more personal, the better. To make this possible, they are helped by deploying a smart CMS which, based on vacancy data from the CMS, enriches the vacancy page on the recruitment site so that it is fully in line with their vision.


90% of the vacancy page is dynamically enriched with unique content for the searched persona
Campaigns can be deployed at vacancy level instead of target group level. Our data shows that these campaigns have a higher success rate because the conversion path is shorter
Enormous time savings for recruiters because, within a very short timeframe, they can publish a vacancy based on its components, which shows as a unique experience for the persona sought
By capturing the content centrally in the CMS, there is even more control over the quality of this content


Floyd & Hamilton CMS
Floyd & Hamilton API
Integration ATS PeopleXS



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Eneco shows what an optimal vacancy page should look like because it is unique every time. Helped by deploying a smart CMS, which enriches the content on the vacancy page on the basis of dynamic vacancy data. This creates a unique vacancy page, which is actually focused on the specific persona that is being searched for.

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