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A recruitment platform from Floyd & Hamilton is the link between the candidates and the employer brand and forms the basis of a good recruitment strategy. The recruitment site is designed for the various unique candidate experiences. In addition, the recruitment site is not a standalone solution but is fully integrated with the ATS or HR system. This not only optimizes the candidate experience, but you are also able to monitor, analyze and optimize the recruitment processes.

Recruitmentsites en Candidate Journeys

Our approach is entirely built around the candidate journey. That's ultimately what it's all about: what your candidates are looking for and how they experience things. With various ingredients, you design a recruitment site that guides the candidate journey from start to finish. Or rather, candidate journeys. Because every target group requires a different approach and makes their journey.

When charting these different candidate journeys, you should not be bothered by complicated decision-making processes or technical limitations. And you should be able to
expand your site unlimitedly. Our technology contains all the ingredients necessary for a successful recruitment site.
Onze candidate driven recruitmentsites

Landing pages per target group

For every target group, there should be a landing page on the recruitment site where they dive into their candidate journey. Here, you sketch candidates an image of what they can expect when they start working at your organization. They get a glimpse of their future work environment and immediately develop the right feeling about it. Candidates can land on such a specific target group page in various ways: via your homepage, a recruitment campaign that refers to the page or a search engine.

Content Management

In Content Composer (our CMS), it is possible to create endless landing pages and fill them with relevant content using the available components. This ensures that candidates find relevant information directly on their landing page. And they get a very targeted insight into what your organization has to offer them, viewed from their candidate journey. Think about job vacancies and career opportunities. But also about the team they are part of, their role in that team, or the department, workplace, or location where they end up. The more concrete, the better you speak to the imagination. But also through the collaboration that you engage with us. Of course, we are happy to help you with the creation of a new recruitment site.
Content Management in onze Recruitmentsites

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