Everything on the global recruitment site, but also on the 13 country websites, revolves around seduction, inspiration and conversion. Just like in their own shops. Hunkemöller has a clear vision that every candidate who applies is not just a candidate but also a potential customer. Hunkemöller's overall global strategy is fully focused on the "Shero", being a much-loved, social & inclusive brand - fully focused on delivering a world-class service wherever the Shero shops.
Inspired by this Shero strategy, Floyd & Hamilton has implemented three important optimisations so that at Hunkemöller, also in the recruitment process, it is now even more about seduction, inspiration and conversion.

10 sec. on-site application

A good conversion is very important. That is why we have realised that the candidate can apply on-site instead of using the Workday external form. This had not previously been successfully done by another party in connection with Workday. Hunkemöller had a 4-page application form and this has been shortened to the minimum necessary. This form has also been prominently placed.

Chat navigation

Based on knowledge and experience, Hunkemöller knows that the Shero prefers to chat rather than make phone calls. Hunkemöller also wanted to add more fun and inspiration to the recruitment site, as this strengthens the employer brand. With this in mind, we jointly developed a unique, interactive and inspiring chat navigation in which each person experiences the right candidate experience with a lot of fun. So both fun and inspiring videos, photos and gifts as well as a salary calculator is part of this chat navigation. This creates an optimal experience, especially when mobile.

Refer a (S)hero

Hunkemöller employees know better than anyone what the work involves, are able to manage expectations well and immediately recognise the characteristics of a Shero. Where most referral tooling is aimed at the own employees, here the candidate is central. This means that the candidate is directly focused on information and inspiration and, thanks to dynamic content, eventually lands on a personalised page.


applying on-site

First international recruitment site in the Netherlands, where the candidate can apply on-site instead of in an external Workday form
Apply to the recruitment site within 10 seconds
Worldwide an increase of 8% in conversion compared to the old situation


Referred (S)hero

For employees a global referral tool via the Employee App that makes them real brand ambassadors
Referred (S)heroes are central and directly inspired
Truly Personal, Fun & Fast applying through the Refer a (S)hero programme


chat navigation

Because you already know 80% of the questions asked by the candidate, the chat navigation allows you to guide the candidate through the right path
Chat navigation adds a lot of fun. Fits perfectly with Hunkemöller
Better automatic selection of digital-savvy candidates
Recruitment is no longer a separate activity in the Hunkemöller organisation, partly thanks to the well-functioning recruitment site, but now makes a substantial contribution to Hunkemöller's overall customer strategy "Everything is designed for our Shero". Every day more than 400 applicants not only have a unique and inspiring candidate experience but also an inspiring brand experience. 
After all, every candidate could just as well be or become a customer. Thanks to all the optimisations, the entire application procedure from start to finish is now digital. The time-to-hire has been greatly reduced. This means an enormous efficiency boost, in terms of time and experience, for both the candidate and Hunkemöller.
“The objective for 2020 is to speed up the candidate's application process and greatly improve the candidate experience for the highly digitally focused target group, which is also the main target group.”
Anne Albracht
Global Recruitment Manager


Recruitment website
Floyd & Hamilton API
Floyd & Hamilton CMS
Referral Tool
Dynamic chat navigation
Integration WorkDay



Our latest work


Alles op de global recruitmentsite, maar ook op de 7 landen websites, draait om inspiratie en conversie. Het slimme CMS Content Composer zorgt ervoor dat de verschillende landingspagina’s (vacaturedetailpagina, vakgebieden en onze verhalen) leiden tot logische candidate journeys en soepele conversies.

Bekijk de case

De Nederlandse Spoorwegen staan al jaren bekend om hun goede employer branding en hun uitgekiende recruitmentstrategie. Ook hun recruitmentwebsite werd al veel geprezen, maar toch zijn ze niet stil blijven zitten. Er is weer een nieuw én sterk verbeterd recruitmentplatform ontwikkeld.

UMC Utrecht

Een website die naadloos aansluit bij de UMC Utrecht branding en die mede dankzij de dynamische content bezoekers informeert, maar vooral ook inspireert. De veelzijdigheid van deze ‘essentiële’ top-werkgever komt goed naar voren en er is vooral zorg besteed aan de verschillende en optimale candidate journey’s.

Bekijk de case

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