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De Bijenkorf has been a household name in the Netherlands for over 148 years and a diverse group of visitors find their way to the stores. With an exclusive range, high-profile marketing campaigns and special events, De Bijenkorf stands out in their market. It is their ambition to become the most surprising, inspiring and creative department store in the world. In doing so, they create a world of inspiration for their guests in which every visit to one of our shops is an experience.


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How do you set up a vacancy platform that does justice to De Bijenkorf's premium image? How do you give candidates good insight into working at De Bijenkorf, but also directly manage expectations through a personal and objective initial selection? And how do you set up the Applicant Tracking System in such a way that large numbers of applications can be processed quickly and followed up in a customer-friendly and efficient manner?

The solution

A separate recruitment website with a clear, open structure and clear calls-to-action on the homepage. The versatility of De Bijenkorf must be immediately visible, including a clear distinction in working at the head office and the branches. In addition, the first feeling must be the right combination of brands, locations and employees. Thanks to a good SEO structure, the vacancies will also be found independently by search engines and must therefore present themselves as attractive and well-organised landing pages. The applicant journey must be smooth and intuitive and take the
different ways and pages on which applicants will land on the website.
The connection with ApplyApp should ensure a first selection based on a job-related assessment and give the applicant the opportunity to enrich his or her application with a video-pitch. A smooth link of the website with ApplyApp and the ATS (WebQube) will ensure that the recruiters already receive a complete file of candidates and action can easily be taken. RAET will also be integrated further into the process by means of a link.


A beautiful harmony of simplicity and luxury is evident on the new website, reflects the brand values and the look-and-feel of De Bijenkorf and makes it attractive for a growing number of website visitors and job applicants to continue their journey. With ApplyApp, De Bijenkorf can continue to select with integrity and quality from the large number of applicants.

Our latest work


Alles op de global recruitmentsite, maar ook op de 7 landen websites, draait om inspiratie en conversie. Het slimme CMS Content Composer zorgt ervoor dat de verschillende landingspagina’s (vacaturedetailpagina, vakgebieden en onze verhalen) leiden tot logische candidate journeys en soepele conversies.

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De Nederlandse Spoorwegen staan al jaren bekend om hun goede employer branding en hun uitgekiende recruitmentstrategie. Ook hun recruitmentwebsite werd al veel geprezen, maar toch zijn ze niet stil blijven zitten. Er is weer een nieuw én sterk verbeterd recruitmentplatform ontwikkeld.

UMC Utrecht

Een website die naadloos aansluit bij de UMC Utrecht branding en die mede dankzij de dynamische content bezoekers informeert, maar vooral ook inspireert. De veelzijdigheid van deze ‘essentiële’ top-werkgever komt goed naar voren en er is vooral zorg besteed aan de verschillende en optimale candidate journey’s.

Bekijk de case

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